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How Do Windsor Divorce Mediation Cases Work?

Many experts suggest that divorce mediation is a non-adversarial and a preferred alternative to courtroom litigation. But what is it all about, how does the process work, how can a Windsor mediation lawyer help, and how can you resolve your divorce dispute amicably with mediation? Here are all the answers.

Divorce Mediation – A Quick Overview

Mediation is a much more straightforward and amicable way of reaching a mutually beneficial conclusion in a divorce case. It puts the interests of both parties at the fore rather than focusing on winning from one side. Here are more details on how the process works.

Mediation Process

First things first, start by hiring an expert mediator who can work for the best interests of both partners. Schedule an initial consultation along with your spouse to discuss the case specifics and understand whether mediation will be helpful or not. Once both of you are comfortable with the mediator and wish to proceed with divorce mediation, your Windsor mediation lawyer will take over the case from there. They will arrange several meetings, and each session will have specific agenda to cover all aspects of the divorce that need to be addressed.

The Difference between Divorce Mediation & A Divorce Lawyer

The difference is simple – a mediator guides you, and an attorney represents you. A mediator acts as a neutral third party who sits with you and your spouse to reach realistic and amicable negotiations. However, a divorce attorney represents either party, advocates for them, argues on their behalf, and works to get the best deal.

A Mediator Can Also Be an Attorney

Yes, a mediator can offer both services, i.e., negotiate the case and process the divorce procedure. A Windsor mediation lawyer attempts to bridge the gap between both partners. They have sufficient experience practicing divorce law. You can get specific legal advice on matters like equitable distribution, child custody, child support, relocation, etc.

Mediation Costs

Mediation costs much lesser than litigation. Services include mediation sessions, drafting of the final settlement agreements, and divorce fee. You can get much of the work done in just $5,000-$7,000 (and all in all price). The average costs, however, can vary depending on the details and complexities of your case.

How Long Does It Take?

A litigated divorce can easily take 1-3 years, whereas a mediated divorce can settle in as less as six months. Just the communication part takes 5x longer when working with a divorce lawyer than with a meditation lawyer whose goal is to keep things as straightforward as possible. So, in a mediated divorce, you get the case worked out amicably in a few sessions and much affordably.

Here Is What Happens After Reaching a Settlement.

When both parties reach a mutual settlement, it will be memorialized in writing. If the mediator files a Memorandum of Understanding, you must then consult a divorce lawyer to draft a formal Marital Settlement Agreement. If you are using a Windsor mediation lawyer, they may have the provision to prepare both and get things right in order.

Obtaining a Divorce Decree

It is the mediator’s job to assist you in requesting the decree from the court. They submit the request and a legally binding Marital Settlement Agreement to get the process going.

Before hiring a mediation lawyer, you must also remember that matters involving abuse, power differences, urgency, hiding assets, and parties not open to cordial communication might not benefit from mediation. In that case, you must resort to a court hearing for a better outcome.

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