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Nashville marital dissolution agreement attorneyMost marriages tend to begin with the highest of hopes. However, with the time and course of your relationship, you may have experienced several emotional highs and lows. Now, you might feel that it’s time you and your partner consider dissolving your marriage. As beautiful as your marriage was, it is time for both parties to move on. Hiring a professional Nashville marital dissolution agreement lawyer can be a wise legal decision. But why would you need to hire an attorney to handle your dissolution if you find yourself thinking? Remember that an experienced family law attorney like Ethan R. Page from Rogers, Shea & Spanos can make the dissolution process much more straightforward for you.

Dissolution of marriage is a legal process that lets you terminate a wedding or a civil union. It’s also similar to a divorce in several aspects but different from a legal separation. The dissolution method is ideally no fault which means neither of you must show any evidence of wrongdoing if you wish to file for the dissolution. At the same time, a divorce may require you to show some fault and our Nashville divorce lawyers can assist you with those proceedings. Moreover, dissolution requires both parties to agree on most legal issues related to their divorces, like the division of financial assets and child custody. In contrast, a divorce case may be contested and involve arguments over several matters.

What Is A Marital Dissolution Agreement, And What Does It Cover?

A marital dissolution agreement is ideally required for all married couples filing for their marriage dissolution. It’s an agreement that lays out all the terms agreed upon by both partners. The couple and their personal attorneys write it.

The exact details of your dissolution agreement might vary based on your state laws and according to each unique case. Nevertheless, most marital dissolution agreements tend to address the following:

  • Any issues related to the distribution of property, including vehicles, real estate, securities, business assets, and several other types of property
  • Whether alimony is being paid or requested, and a figure
  • Issues related to kids like child custody, child support, and visitation
  • Any reasons you would like to state for your dissolution

The agreement may also include several other issues. As discussed, it will depend on your state laws and sometimes on specific instructions from the judge.

When Will The Agreement Take Effect?

After your agreement is finalized, both parties can file for the dissolution of their marriage. In some states, at least one individual should have been a resident in the state of filing (at least for six months). Some jurisdictions also require parties to have been living apart for some time before filing for the dissolution.

Legal disputes are also quite common in marriage dissolution and often arise due to your inability to reach final conclusions on all terms. If such conflicts occur, you need to have them resolved either inside or outside the courtroom before your dissolution can be finalized and the agreement can take place.

Why Do You Need A Professional Attorney To Help You With A Dissolution Agreement?

All legal documents, including marriage dissolution agreements, much be drafted and reviewed carefully to ensure they meet all the various requirements. You should always consider hiring a professional Nashville marital dissolution agreement lawyer if you have no prior experience handling a legal case or feel like you need professional assistance in forming and reviewing your dissolution agreement. If you decide a legal separation may be more fitting for your situation, our Nashville legal separation attorney will assist you each step of the way.

Our experienced attorneys will provide you with the best legal advice and represent your case as required during a court hearing. Moreover, when you hire a skilled Nashville marital dissolution agreement lawyer, they will even help you during your court proceedings.

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