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Nashville paternity and paternity fraud attorneyPaternal discrepancies and related frauds are on the rise everywhere in The States. Statistics reveal that three out of ten men are found not to be a victim of paternity fraud. Not just that, biological (and divorcing) fathers, too, encounter obstacles in establishing their rights. If you are in a situation like this, a Nashville paternity and paternity fraud lawyer can help.

Skilled paternity attorneys lead the charge in all legal matters and navigate the complex processes, helping all men face the brutal realities of paternity and paternity fraud.

Having Legal Assistance by Your Side Proves Invaluable

Wondering why you must hire legal aid when it comes to paternity and paternity fraud cases? To tie all loose ends and protect your rights. Let us tell you in detail why you must partner with an experienced Nashville paternity and paternity fraud lawyer to help represent your case.

File Proper Paternity Action

The judge working on your case should have all the proper documentation involved in a paternity action. Moreover, the appropriate legal grounds need to be substantiated with correctly worded factual representation in the documents. A professional paternity lawyer like George D. Spanos from Rogers, Shea & Spanos has years of experience in the field of family law and understands all the documents you need to make a sound case.

Uphold Your Rights During a Divorce

A divorce case can be challenging for everyone involved. It can be complicated and even financially and emotionally draining to go through this process all by yourself. During a divorce, communication may become strained and even aggressive, which can be detrimental to both parties. A professional Nashville paternity and paternity fraud lawyer will act as the primary communication point related to all your legal issues surrounding the divorce (or can point you to our Nashville divorce attorney), providing you with a strong voice for all your needs. An experienced attorney will stick by your side and uphold all your rights during a divorce, acting as your professional legal advocate throughout the process.

Ensure Fairness in Parental Responsibility

Several variables help determine your parental responsibility. The court will decide which parent should hold the primary responsibility for the children depending on the presentation of all the facts and current circumstances of your family situation. It’s vital to remember that the parent who gets the primary role in raising the kids will also have decision-making powers for all significant aspects of the child’s life, including education, medical needs, and more.

Protection Against Paternity Fraud

When you consult an attorney to determine how to best proceed with your case, most Nashville paternity and paternity fraud lawyers will suggest you get a DNA test immediately. You can order a DNA test online, but our experienced lawyers advise you on which tests will stand up better in court. A professional paternity fraud lawyer can also assist you if you suspect whether or not you are the father of your child.

Family Law is Inherently Complex

As a result of the complexity of all the components of family law, hiring a professional paternity lawyer can help you ensure all your father’s rights are upheld. It will also ensure that the final decision made by the court is determined with the best and most clear information possible. When hiring a skilled Nashville paternity & paternity fraud lawyer, you will get expertise, experience, and personal advocacy for all your legal rights.

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