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Nashville legal separation attorneyIt is critical to understand that legal separation doesn’t mean your marriage is over. The primary difference between a divorce and legal separation is that divorce is absolute and is the final step in ending your marriage. Legal separation tends to work in quite similar ways to divorce. Nevertheless, you can’t marry anyone else unless you and your partner are divorced. A professional Nashville legal separation lawyer can help you with filing for a legal separation and inform you about all your legal options. Some people use legal separation like a trial to get an idea of what it would be like if they separated or if divorce is the right choice. It’s also the time to settle your terms regarding issues like visitation and child custody, which are similar to how divorces are handled.

The Primary Purpose of Legal Separation

Legal separation allows you to split up your responsibilities while still being married to your partner. Individuals often choose legal separation for numerous reasons, like religious beliefs. However, there are a lot of benefits that might be better for your unique circumstances. A few key elements and advantages of legal separation include:

  • Unlike a divorce, you don’t have to maintain residency for six months before filing.
  • Your terms of separation will be similar to a divorce. Both parties will have a chance to decide if they can continue living with the terms or not.
  • You can continue to receive insurance coverage from the other party.
  • One or the other may still be entitled to some tax breaks.
  • Suppose your religious or cultural beliefs don’t allow divorce. In that case, a legal separation will enable you to live your life as an individual while also helping you retain your marital status.
  • You get to preserve your marital status to gain other benefits like social security, which ideally requires ten years of marriage.

There are even a few cases where a judge will have to order legal separation if, for instance, one party doesn’t wish to divorce and refuses to comply with the legal proceedings. Suppose you are the filing party. In this case, it’s your responsibility to convince the judge that there is no chance of reconciliation since the marriage is irretrievably broken. In the event that legal separation leads to high-conflict divorce, our Nashville high-conflict divorce attorneys will guide you every step of the way. To find out all the details and come up with the best possible strategy, we suggest you speak with a seasoned and knowledgeable legal separation attorney.

Role of a Legal Separation Lawyer

When you hire a professional Nashville legal separation lawyer, they will advise you on several matters. These include your marital status, debts and liabilities, healthcare, remarriage/reconciliation, property rights, and final decision-making.

Legal separation will entitle you to keep your marital status but does not permit you to marry someone else before you get a divorce. An attorney will also revise how you can retain your social security and health care benefits. Additionally, they will help you with obligations regarding your spouse’s debt discharge during your legal separation. Lawyers will also inform you how you can continue to have individual legal rights to all jointly owned properties and how to be entitled to benefits if the other party dies. If legal separation results in divorce, our Nashville divorce attorneys can help you every step of the way.

Duties of a Legal Separation Attorney

Our experienced Nashville legal separation lawyer will first make a clear assessment of your unique case and circumstances. Then the requirements to meet to keep your separation status. Moreover, they will advise you on the issues of property division between you and your spouse, adoption, spousal support receivable or payable, parenting rights, and child custody. It’s also the lawyer’s responsibility to draft all legal documents or notices about your case.

However, your overall chances of reaching a fair and favorable decision are only as good as your attorney’s. When you hire a skilled family law attorney like Helen Sfikas Rogers from Rogers, Shea & Spanos, you ensure you make only the best decision for your future!

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