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nashville dependency and neglect lawyersHave you recently discovered that a dependency and neglect petition has been filed against you? It’s normal to experience several different emotions. You are probably afraid, worried, and even confused about what’s going to happen next. You must understand that the Department of Human Services has filed a dependency and neglect petition against you because it believes you or your child’s other parent are not taking proper care of your child. But you probably don’t know what steps you must take. Don’t worry; our professional Nashville dependency and neglect attorney can easily guide you through the process.

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In dependency and neglect cases, legal assistance goes a long way. At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, our skilled attorneys stay by your side every step of the process, representing you in court. Our team works to explain the situation to you, collect evidence, and ensure that your kids are safe.

We understand the emotional damage, dependency, and neglect proceeding can do. So, our experienced attorneys like Laura Blum will do everything in their power to remove any fears you may have and help you and your kids have the best possible outcome.

Dependency and neglect petition tends to follow a different section of the law, and you need to hire an attorney who fully understands how it works. There are several people involved in dependency and neglect cases. Most parents end up stuck in these cases far longer than necessary only because they did not have professional guidance. However, this could also happen if you hire an attorney unfamiliar with such cases.

Our team from Rogers, Shea & Spanos has all the experience needed to fight on your behalf, navigate through the case, and ensure that your kids are safe and able to stay with you as soon as possible.

We Can Also Help You Bring Forth A Dependent And Neglect Case For A Loved One.

If you know someone who is a minor, dependent, and neglected, you can always choose to petition for the case to be heard in court. Nevertheless, the burden of gathering proof rests on you, and you need to provide clear evidence that the children in question are, in fact, dependent and neglected. In case you find yourself defending against such a petition filed against you, you must submit proof that all those allegations against you are not valid.

In cases where the court determines that a child meets all dependency and neglect definitions of the law, the judge can then move to dispositional proceedings. It is when the court decides to find a custodial arrangement that’s in the best interest of the children. The court considers various factors when making such determinations, so talk to our Nashville dependency and neglect attorney for a walk-through of all the rules that apply to your case. They will also tell you what to expect until the case is closed.

Removal of a Child or Transferring Custody

In some cases, a child may be removed from their home by the DCS (Department of Children Services). The department is required to act whenever a child is abused, has been in foster care for 15 of the past 22 months, or is left abandoned under the age of one. The parents will also have their parental rights suspended or terminated.

The court may also transfer the custody of dependent and neglected children to someone other than their parents if they have no guardian, parent, legal custodian, or caregiver fit to care for them.

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All dependency and neglect cases tend to be traumatizing and physically and emotionally draining for you and the children involved in the case. If you are looking for expert assistance, we suggest you reach out to Rogers, Shea & Spanos immediately! With an expert understanding of family law, our Nashville dependency and neglect attorney can help you navigate the legal landscape so you can resolve the issue and come to a suitable conclusion. With our years of training and experience by your side, you can be sure to reach a fair verdict. Contact our team at 888-521-9952 to schedule your appointment at the earliest.