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Nashville relocations attorneyEquitable terms regarding parenting time are often one of the most complicated points in a divorce. An already complex divorce case gets even more difficult with kids involved and either parent wanting to relocate. However, you can reach out to our Nashville relocation attorney for professional legal assistance in your case. We can easily guide you through the process while also ensuring the best interest of your children.

Navigating the Challenges With A Nashville Relocations Attorney

Divorce is a legal way to end a marriage, but parenting is a lifelong endeavor. Being ordered to stay away from your children and spend less than full time with them can be complicated. It may lead you to a bevy of emotions. Trying your best to make everything as smooth as possible for each other when it comes to custody is a smart move for most parents, and our Nashville divorce attorney can assist with this as well.

Your custody can either be legal or physical. A court will ideally grant both parents legal custody, so they have some say in making important decisions regarding education, child’s care, and so on. Physical custody refers to who the children live with, and one parent will have the children more than the other. For instance, under many circumstances, the child might live with the mother the most, and the father may get to see the kids every other weekend.

The court will decide in the best interest of the kids. If both mother and father are regular forces in the kid’s life, the court will try to ensure both parents get to be around their kids as much as possible. It works well for most divorced couples, but sometimes one parent may wish to relocate for whatever reason, be it a job, to care for their aging parent, or personal desire. Relocating does not usually fit well with the other parent.

Custodial Rights

It doesn’t matter how the noncustodial parent feels about this; it is the right of the custodial parent to move into a new residence or change their current neighborhood whenever they think to do so. The only requirement under the law is for the parent to provide written notice of their relocating intentions at least 45 days before the move. Doing this allows both parents to work out all critical details of a modified visitation agreement or a brand-new parenting plan. If the nonmoving parent decides to object, they have the right to do so in a court of law.

When we talk about the relocation of the custodial parent and the child, most judges tend to check whether the move will positively or negatively impact the child. A few common factors that determine whether the court agrees to the shift include the overall need for continuity and stability in the kid’s life, any harm that may result from the shifting, the moving distance, and how will it affect the child’s emotional, physical, and educational needs. A skilled Nashville relocation attorney can give you more detailed information on the subject.

In The Best Interest of the Children

You might be familiar with the term “the child’s best interest” since it’s often used during a child custody proceeding. A judge checks the following to determine the best for the child:

  • Age of the child
  • Current living arrangements
  • History of violence, neglect, and abuse
  • Relationship between the parents
  • Preferences of the child
  • School and community involvement of the child
  • The willingness of both parties to cooperate
  • The ability of both parents to provide love, care, and affection to the child
  • Other unique factors specific to your case

It is best to be aware of all these critical factors since they are used to determine if you can relocate with or without your child. “An employment opportunity in a different city or nation shouldn’t be considered a hindrance. You should consider it a fresh chance to provide your children a better life.” – said Siew-Ling Shea, a skilled Nashville relocations attorney from Rogers, Shea & Spanos. Our team from Rogers, Shea & Spanos can help you navigate the relocation process in no time!

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