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Nashville uncontested divorce lawyerA divorce case doesn’t necessarily have to be a long and emotionally draining process with arguments and an expensive legal bill at the end. If couples try to agree on issues when going through a divorce, it can help them save a lot of money, time, and emotional stress. Though an uncontested divorce may seem like an easier option, it does not mean you should not hire a professional attorney. You may find a few people who advocate the idea of dealing with an uncontested divorce yourself. However, going this route may cost you a lot more in the long haul. Even if it’s an uncontested divorce, you will still benefit significantly from hiring a Nashville uncontested divorce lawyer.

An Attorney Will Provide and Prepare All Documents

When you find a DIY divorce website, they will ask you for money and, in return, provide you with a bunch of forms to download. They will then instruct you to personally fill out these forms and submit them to the court. However, they don’t usually update these forms regularly. If your local court has recently updated its rules, your forms may not accurately reflect them.

The forms you get can be complex and confusing for people who don’t know much about law. In some cases, you need to submit specific documents. It would be best if you also used particular language in some of this paperwork before the judge can approve your agreement.

A professional Nashville uncontested divorce lawyer will have all the paperwork you need for your case and ensure that all forms contain the necessary language and are filed correctly. This means you will not have to stress about what forms you must file, how to fill them correctly, or where you need to submit them.

A Nashville Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Is Better Than The Court Staff

Court staff cannot help you with all your complex paperwork. Moreover, the court will not approve you if there are errors in your final paperwork. All in all, your case will not move ahead as planned. However, a professional Nashville uncontested divorce lawyer can help ensure your paperwork has all the details needed and keep your case moving throughout the legal process.

Even if you and your ex agree to terms for your divorce, an agreement must be finalized in court for your divorce to be legal. Our Nashville divorce lawyer would be more than happy to assist you. When you have a professional helping you with all your paperwork and drafting the contract on your behalf, your divorce is much more likely to get approval quickly. It will also reduce any chances of future issues.

An Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

While you and your ex may have agreed on your divorce, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get a fair settlement. There have been numerous cases where people have walked away from a DIY divorce, losing a lot on significant property settlements, alimony claims, and responsibility for the marital debt that should have ideally been divided between both parties.

An attorney won’t stand in your way of submitting your agreement as it is. However, they will take some time to review the final copy and tell you about your rights that may not have been reflected clearly in the divorce agreement.

We Can Assist With Property And Financial Issues

Though you and your ex have agreed on how you wish to divide your assets and property, it can be challenging to do so correctly. It’s especially true when it comes to dividing a retirement account. You may also face specific tax issues in your divorce or the division of assets that you need to consider. If not executed properly, you may face severe consequences later in life.

Let Rogers, Shea & Spanos Be Your Guide!

Your divorce case doesn’t need to be expensive and extensive. However, it would help if you understood that taking on the case yourself could cost you much more money and time than it would hire a professional Nashville uncontested divorce lawyer. You should also understand that just like other life-altering events, a divorce may also significantly impact the rest of your life. Therefore it’s wise to have professional legal counsel by your side to ensure you receive the best possible results. Contact us today for a free consultation.