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nashville high-conflict divorce lawyersWhen we talk about divorce, people often think of a conflict. After all, it is a legal breakup, and emotions can run high even in mutual dissolutions. However, there are several situations where a divorce case gets so hostile that negotiations are no longer possible. We call such cases “high-conflict” divorces, which can be quite complex and stressful.

Such cases can also be drawn-out and expensive since they tend to involve litigation. High-conflict divorce cases often require a unique set of skills, but a professional Nashville high-conflict divorce lawyer can help you in no time.

What May Lead To A High-Conflict Divorce?

A high-conflict divorce describes cases where both spouses are too hostile to work with each other. Though all couples and their situations are unique, some common factors in high-conflict divorce cases include:

  • One or both spouses are dealing with a form of addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.)
  • One or more spouses are attempting to hide their assets or are lying about their debts and assets.
  • One or more spouses with oppositional defiance disorder or narcissistic personality disorder
  • Arguments related to finances
  • Accusations of abuse or adultery (founded or unfounded)
  • One or more spouses engaging in parental alienation
  • One or more spouses with violent tendencies

In most cases, a high-conflict divorce is when both parties are looking to win and are actively trying to make the other lose. Thus, high-conflict divorce cases tend to take a lot of time to resolve when one or both spouses refuse to compromise their terms or engage in tactics designed to prolong litigation.

Common Penalties Involved In High-Conflict Divorces

Though it’s not illegal for people to act like a fool, some aspects of a high-conflict divorce case may lead to civil or criminal penalties. These include:

  • Lying About Assets: If you don’t disclose the total amount of assets you possess or lie about your debts or assets, you can be charged with fraud, depending on your unique circumstances.
  • Engaging In Abuse: sexual assault, physical abuse, and threatening behavior can also lead to criminal charges. They can also be seen as grounds to seek an emergency custody order.
  • Unfair Prenup: A prenuptial agreement is typically taken at face value. Nevertheless, if you can successfully prove that you were forced to sign the prenup against your will, it could be voided.

Though there is no criminal penalty for an unfair prenup, it will change how your divorce case will proceed. A Nashville high-conflict divorce lawyer can help you out in no time if you feel like you were forced to sign your agreement under duress or against your will.

How Can A Nashville Divorce Attorney Help?

While it’s true that you are not required to work with a Nashville high-conflict divorce lawyer, we strongly recommend you get professional help. If you have a few assets that you wish to protect, hiring legal assistance from an experienced family law attorney like George D. Spanos is the best way you can do that. A vengeful ex might be hoping to take away as much from you as possible, and if they hire their own attorney, they are probably getting professional advice on how to do that. Ensure you are equally informed about all your options and hire an experienced attorney so no one can take advantage of your current situation.

Another huge reason you should consider hiring professionals is if you have children. An experienced attorney will help you with your divorce process, fight custody battles, and help you pursue additional criminal charges against your ex if that’s what you want.

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