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nashville business law lawyersThe practice of business law consists of several complex and diverse legal disciplines, including but not limited to: construction law, commercial law, COA and HOA association representation, commercial estate and succession planning, real estate law, and appellate law. Moreover, there are two distinct commercial law processes.

The first is transactional business law services which ideally involves counsel and advice on contract drafting and review, business formations, entity selection, non-compete agreements, employee agreements, and contract negotiation.

The second type of business law service has much more to do with dispute resolution for both plaintiffs (help you take actions against an individual or business), litigation services, and help defendants, defending, owners or companies principals against any legal action by another partner, party, supplier, vendor, or customer.

You Must Have A Professional Legal Framework In Place!

A business with an ideal legal framework is much less likely to get into trouble over the various contracts it enters into and all the contracts it has to defend against when something or someone goes away.

It requires professional legal knowledge and courtroom experience to properly guide a business through all the various aspects of its intended journey of profitability and growth, dealing with all the bumps along the way that most companies will eventually incur in their life cycle.

In the case of business startups, especially where there are officers, financial contributors, or partners involved, having a clear and durable operating agreement that defines roles and responsibilities should give you a clear direction to manage day-to-day operations properly. A Nashville business law attorney will help you avoid conflict and build trust over time, helping you navigate the business efficiently and effectively.

It Promotes Open Communication.

In most cases, partners, principles, shareholders, and executives tend to believe that open communication and a shared vision should help solve most issues that may arise over time. However, a verbal agreement without tangible documents doesn’t guarantee all problems incurred will be resolved.

At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, our professional lead Nashville business law attorney, Helen Sfikas Rogers, understands that a proactive approach towards business formation will help make a lot of difference between resolving any potential conflicts or becoming a victim of them. Outlining rules, roles, and procedures, often helps succeed from mistakes made by business servants whose responsibility should be the business’s welfare.

Why Should You Choose An Attorney?

In the new business environment, having a professional legal resource committed to your business’s success is a sound and prudent investment. It is almost as good as having your in-house legal counsel. At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, our professionals have years of business law experience handling several kinds of transactional services, estate planning services, and civil litigation for various industries, including banking, commercial ventures, retail, and health care professionals, as well as associations and real estate ventures.

Suppose you are planning on buying into a franchise, purchasing an existing business, or starting one on your own. In that case, our team is always here to learn about your current goals and aspirations and how we can help be a part of your business’s success.

When you hire an experienced attorney, they will understand all kinds of business formations, be it purchases or startups. It would be best to remember that commercial transactions are often the backbone of a Nashville business law attorney. Whenever your business runs into conflict, they can provide you with a personalized solution tailored to fit all kinds of industry and client needs. The primary objective of settlements via mediation, negotiation, or litigation is to protect all ongoing relationships. You can consider attorneys as a proactive way to help you cut costs and severe legal issues when settling disputes.

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At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, we have years of experience working in all kinds of business law services. Our attorneys are always ready to litigate any disputes if the initial negotiations between the disputing parties fail. Our attorneys also have much courtroom experience if your business has to defend itself in court.
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