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Nashville step-parent adoption lawyerThe original definition of a perfect family, comprised of a father, mother, and children, has now evolved into something much more fluid in modern society. As our community has become more accepting of all different lifestyles and gender identities, the context and concept of a family have also progressed. An eternal method of expanding your family beyond the conventional reproduction way was via the adoption of kids, including adoption by step-parents. Adoption can offer blended families a superior ability to find cohesion, and our skilled Nashville step-parent adoption lawyer is ready to assist you. Step-parent adoptions may seem superficial and often require little paperwork since the children are not from an outside source. However, due to the nature of the rights being granted and the significance of terminating the biological parent’s rights in favor of the step-parent, adopting a child is always handled with a great deal of legal formality.

Hiring an Experienced Nashville Attorney for a Step-Parent Adoption

Adopting a step-child is much different than the general image of welcoming a child via an adoption agency and does not require the typical Nashville adoption lawyer. Professional adoption agencies are trained and experienced with the adoption laws across the country, especially in their state.

Whenever used, an adoption agency drafts all the documents needed and files the final documentation with the appropriate court in your area. However, step-parent adoption is a process that generally occurs between private individuals, so there may be no knowledgeable individual present to take the responsibility of initiating and filing the adoption petition in court.

You must understand that missing even a single document may derail your adoption petition entirely off track and force you and your spouse to start the entire process all over again, costing your family a lot of time and money.

A professional Nashville step-parent adoption lawyer like Stella K. Mallinak from Rogers, Shea & Spanos should have a lot of experience with the procedure of adoption. Years of family law experience often enable professionals to know what information they must gather and what the court wants to see. Moreover, an attorney can also advise you on the overall risks and advantages of adoption in their unique situation to ensure you are making an informed choice.

Step-Parent Adoption in Nashville

Though all adoptions require the court’s involvement, step-parent adoptions are pretty easy compared to adoption via an agency or a third-party organization since it makes home visits and studies unnecessary, and the waiting period is waived.

Despite this being the most uncomplicated procedure, there still are numerous conditions and requirements that you need to satisfy before a judge grants your adoption application.

The first requirement is that the step-parent should be married to the children’s biological custodial parent. If the other parent has primary custody of the children, then the step-parent does not stand a strong chance of obtaining the court’s approval.

Second, most states don’t permit children to have three legally-recognized parents. Therefore, if the step-parent wishes to adopt and the child’s other biological parent is living, consent to the adoption is critical unless the other parent has been ruled unfit.

If a parent refuses to give you their support, the adoption will proceed only if the court finds the child’s other parent inappropriate for the role. A Nashville step-parent adoption lawyer will give you professional insight into everything the court might check to asses a parent’s unfitness. Actions or circumstances a court looks for when assessing a parent’s unfitness include, but are not limited to:

  • Showing any lack of interest in the child’s overall well being
  • Abandonment
  • Deserting the child for more than three months before the adoption petition
  • Failing to pay child support despite having the ability to do so
  • Showing a lack of interest in the first 30 days of the child’s birth
  • Any evidence of physical abuse

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