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nashville child support lawyersChild support often evokes a lot of anxiety among parents like you since your overall ability to provide for yourself and your children may be at stake. Whatever your concerns are, you have probably thought about hiring a professional attorney, but you may not know if that is a good or bad idea. A Nashville child support attorney can help answer all of your questions, and ease your mind through the difficult process of child support.

Ask An Attorney If You Need An Attorney.

It can be a paradox to consult an attorney if you need to hire an attorney. But you may be surprised to find out that attorneys often do this. One of the most overlooked roles of a family lawyer is to advise their clients on the ‘big picture,’ or more fundamental aspects of your case, including if you need to hire a Nashville child support attorney.

A lawyer can review all the facts of your child support case, predict what laws may be applied to your case, and what information is critical to provide to the court. They can even let you know if you may be able to handle your case on your own or if you need to hire a professional attorney.

Since professionals often get such requests, chances are they may not consult you for free, especially if it takes a reasonable amount of time for them to do so. However, some professionals will gladly spend their time with you if you pay them a small consultation fee. You must understand that gaining professional insight from an expert for a minimal cost may be the best investment for you.

Is An Attorney Worth Your Money?

Experienced attorneys are certainly worth your money. Finances are often the center point of a child support case, and an unfavorable child support case could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long haul.

For instance, if your child support is going to last for 19 years, a $100 difference per month will end up costing you around $23,000. Similarly, if the difference is about $450 every month, it will cost you more than $100,000. Keep in mind this variation of the amount is much more common than you think it might be. Investing in a seasoned attorney at a fraction of what may be at stake for your child support case is a wise investment.

What Can An Attorney Do That You Cannot Do On Your Own?

There are several things that a professional attorney can do much better than you. Some of these include:


Child support can be quite complex to deal with. An experienced Nashville child support attorney can help you navigate the complex rules of child support, find laws that support your unique case, and identify any exceptions for your case to deviate from the typical child support obligation. Without a professional attorney by your side, you may run into several risks of the opposing lawyer arguing an incorrect method of calculation or the court applying the wrong law, and you may have no idea that it has even occurred. It is common for individuals to end up paying child support that’s too high or low.


A lawyer understands what information to get and how they can get it. Do you need your ex’s tax returns, pay stubs, bank records, health insurance statements, trust statements, or employment records? What if your ex denies you to provide you with this information? A Nashville child support attorney will understand what information is critical and how they can get it.


It can be quite tricky for you to do things that are easy for a professional attorney, including drafting briefs, motions, and affidavits. Without these, your child support case may fail even before you get a chance to reach the courtroom.

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