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nashville child custody and visitation attorneysAs a parent going through a divorce or someone who is pursuing custody rights to their children with an ex-partner, the overall amount of emotions behind negotiation and litigation can be immeasurable since your relationship is at stake. Most professional lawyers understand why parents get overwhelmed with tension, anger, and fear during a custody dispute. After all, no one ever plans for their children to be in such a demanding situation. An experienced Nashville child custody attorney should be able to help you navigate such challenges easily while minimizing the emotional toll it takes on your mind.

Custody and Visitation Types

Before you start negotiating your visitation and custody rights or filing for the same, you should discuss with an experienced Nashville child custody attorney what you wish to accomplish with your demands. It is also critical to have a clear understanding of the two main types of child custody and how they could impact your and your ex’s relationship with your children:

  • Physical Custody: It means your children will reside with you physically and depend on you for any short-term life decisions that may affect their everyday experiences while growing up.
  • Legal Custody: On the other hand, legal custody gives you long-term authority regarding your child’s upbringing in matters such as the kind of healthcare they receive, education, and much more.

The degree of participation you might get in child custody tends to complicate matters even further, including:

  • Joint custody will give both parents equal rights to participate in decision-making for the child
  • Shared custody will allow a certain degree of responsibility for multiple kids
  • Sole custody offers total responsibility for a child to one of the two parents

All these potential outcomes tend to make it easy to get overwhelmed during your child custody and visitation case, which makes it critical for you to consult with a professional Nashville child custody attorney.

Common Visitation Arrangements

Though it may be a little frustrating for you to create a child visitation schedule with your ex, you should remember that it will eventually be in the best interest of your children. Ideally, both parents must ensure that their schedule will accommodate their extracurricular activities, work schedules, and other vital factors. In case it’s not possible to reach a mutual agreement, a family court judge will make one for you, which often ends up with you not receiving the amount of custody or visitation rights you had hoped. Whether mutually agreed upon or ordered, you are most likely to receive a visitation order that’s similar to the following categories:

Fixed Schedule

For all parents who want minimal contact with each other, a fixed visitation is an ideal solution. It is created by the court handling your case and will specify which days and at what time you can exercise your visitation rights with your child.

Reasonable Schedule

When parents don’t have any issues communicating after a divorce and wish to prioritize their child’s overall well-being, they tend to use a reasonable visitation schedule. It makes it possible for both parties to participate in raising their kids.

Supervised Visitation

There are times when a parent has established a pattern of behavior regarding alcohol abuse, drug use, or violent behavior, which may pose a risk to a child’s safety and well-being. In such cases, the court may require a third-party individual to supervise the parent’s visitation with their kids until no longer necessary.

No Visitation

Under the worse circumstances, a court may believe that one parent should not contact their children. It often happens in cases where any visitation will do more harm than good. In most cases, this denial of visitation results from previous abuse of the child or a parent being unable to interact with their child appropriately.

If you are stressed about the outcome or need a better chance of getting a favorable decision, get in touch with George D. Spanos, a professional Nashville child custody attorney at Rogers, Shea & Spanos, for a comprehensive consultation.

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