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Franklin Complex Property Division AttorneyTiming is everything when it comes to maximizing your earnings. Selling off critical assets should not depend on the timing of a divorce, but rather remain an important decision throughout all stages of life so as not to miss out on any potential opportunities for profit or growth from them altogether. For guidance on property division in your divorce, a Franklin complex property division attorney is here to help.

Protecting Your Investments During Distribution

Divorce proceedings can be complicated, but the process of dividing assets is not quite as difficult. You and your spouse will seek to protect both current value and future prospects for those items at stake in this matter; however, it cannot actually be done through an equal sale altogether.

Our lawyers have experience in helping high-net-worth clients settle their divorces and can offer legal advice on all types of asset division, for example:

  • Loans
  • Vacation homes
  • Investment real estate
  • 401(K)s and IRAs
  • Intellectual property assets
  • Equity
  • Professional practices and family-owned businesses
  • Stocks

The court will consider any increase in asset value during your marriage as marital property. Without a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial, they may divide up all of those increases between you and them unless one party can prove otherwise with documentation showing how much was spent on that specific purchase beforehand.

How Can A Complex Property Division Attorney Help?

The first step to take when dealing with a complex property division is correctly cataloging all of your assets. This is where an attorney comes in, evaluating and assessing what belongs to each party, and answering any questions that arise.

Next, the attorneys will work with a certified public accountant to professionally verify that each asset has been appropriately valued. The result of this valuation is then divided between both parties in order for them to reach an agreement on how best to settle their disputes over property division.

When you go through a divorce, your finances can become tangled inextricably. You might need to sell off certain assets or put them into an agreement where they’re managed until the division of property is final – but if this isn’t done properly there are penalties galore waiting for both parties. Luckily our attorneys have many years worth of experience helping with these complicated financial matters so that all penalties may be avoided.

Retirement Benefits and Your Overall Property Divison

When it comes to retirement benefits, you should consider them as part of your marital property and have a professional Franklin complex property division attorney handle the split. Your IRAs, 401(k)s, or any other savings accounts will be divided among yourselves according to what’s best for each individual client with regard to their needs.

If you and your ex-spouse are both interested in keeping the retirement account together, it’s important that one person doesn’t receive more assets than what would have been awarded if they were to receive an equal share. Valuing this type of property can be tough; however, there may still be some advantages to having all stocks or bonds divided between two parties instead – like ensuring no single supplier has too much power over market trends.

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