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Franklin Change Of Custody AttorneyA parenting plan is an essential document that defines where your child will live and its timeline. It also states both parents’ legal decision-making rights, but you can mutually update it at any time with help from a professional Franklin change of custody attorney. Finalizing decisions about children can be difficult, especially when there are divisions on what’s in the best interest of their well-being. In these cases, local judges will usually allow parents some liberty to come up with an agreement that they feel is appropriate for them and their children. However, it becomes more complicated if you have something contrary, like no contact between two parties where one has been previously charged with neglectful behavior or abuse towards his or her child. In this case, additional information would be needed before making any decision regarding custody arrangements.

Forms of Disagreements

When you’re going through a custody dispute, it’s important to know the legal terms and understand how they apply in your situation. You need an experienced lawyer who can help guide you through this process so that everything is fair for both parties involved–and most importantly-what works best with their children.

When one parent wants more access or less time spent on certain tasks (like homework), there are several different solutions available depending upon the situation. It is important for both parties to be clear and concise with their expectations in order to reach an agreement. A common modification request that often results in a dispute is either party wanting equal parenting time but disagreeing over its scheduling formats. These kinds of disputes between ex-partners without agreement result in extra strain on the case, and in turn, add greater strain to the children.

A Child’s Best Interest in Custody Change or Modification Cases is of Utmost Importance

The best interest of the child is central to all courts and is every parent’s goal. If you feel that your ex-spouse would not provide a suitable environment for your kids, or if maximization seems like an unfair burden on one person, then consider asking about modifying custody before it becomes too late.

The whole process of changing custody or parenting plans can be daunting, but it is necessary to ensure that the best interests of your children are being respected. You’ll need an experienced lawyer in order for them to represent you well during court proceedings. There are always several statutory factors that judges look at when making their decisions about whether someone should get more time with his or her children, therefore having someone knowledgeable on your team is crucial.

Child Custody Modification Restrictions

The general rule is that unless one parent files an emergency motion with the court, they cannot ask for a change in their parenting time before the 12 months from the last approved order lapses. However, if there has been any significant change to your situation since then—for instance, if you get laid off at work or become homeless due to circumstances out of your control—you can apply immediately without delay so long as doing so would not jeopardize either the child’s safety or wellbeing or create gross breaches between parents.

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Your child is the first priority, whether you agree or not. Making sure your child is taken care of in a divorce situation is not only right, but it is the law. Consult a Franklin change of custody attorney today for further information and advice on your case.