Tense custody exchange results in near-stabbing

The hope is that when parents share custody in Nashville, any negative feelings that they might have for each other (or the other’s new partners) can be put aside for the good of the kids. Placing distance between feuding former spouses may serve to alleviate some of the tension in their relationship, yet inevitably there will be situations where they must encounter one another (such as in custody exchanges). Such exchanges need not be more than just a cordial exchange that last no longer than a few minutes, yet sadly, there are times when they can devolve into full-blown altercations.

Such appears to have been what occurred between a mother and the girlfriend of her child’s father in Pennsylvania. When the child’s mother arrived to pick up her son, an argument allegedly broke out between the two women. As the mother attempted to leave the scene, she claims the other woman began throwing objects at her, one of which struck her new vehicle. This apparently angered her, and she responded by grabbing a knife and chasing after the woman (who took refuge in her own car). When she could not get through the car window with her knife, the child’s mother allegedly began stabbing the vehicle’s bumper. She eventually left, but was later found by authorities and arrested.

Equally as tragic as the injuries that can occur in a fight between divorced parents (and/or other interested parties) may be the emotional trauma that kids can sustain from watching a battle unfold between people that they care about equally. Divorced parents should thus do all that they can to ensure that exchanges between them remain amicably. If one needs outside assistance in ensuring this, one may find it with the help of an experienced family law attorney.