Divorcing after a short marriage? What you should know

Ending a marriage after any amount of time is difficult, even if you have only been married for a few years.

If you are in this position, there are some crucial things to know about the divorce process and what you can expect as you navigate it.

Spousal support or alimony

Spouses divorcing after relatively brief marriages typically do not require spousal support. This money generally is to help financially disadvantaged spouses after a divorce. Often, this includes people who left the workforce to care for the home or those who were economically dependent on their partner.

In other words, the shorter a marriage is, the easier it can be for individuals to regain financial independence after the divorce. Thus, there may be less need for support.

Property division

Tennessee laws dictate that parties divide marital property equitably in a divorce. Equitable means fair, not equal. That said, many people will exit a divorce with equal settlements, particularly after a brief marriage.

Dividing property can be more straightforward for people married for a matter of months than if parties had been married for a long time. They may have accumulated fewer properties, taken on less debt and had fewer opportunities to commingle assets. All these factors could make it easier to categorize and divide property.

Children and pets

If you had a child during your marriage, it might still be an infant when you divorce. And while babies and very young children can be spared the trauma and long-term impact of parental divorce, of which they have no memory, it remains crucial for mothers and fathers to create parenting plans that protect the child and their parental rights.

Further, it is important to note that pets are legally property. If you want to create a custody or support plan concerning your pet, it can be best not to leave that decision in the hands of the court.

Shorter marriages can still be complicated

No matter when a marriage ends, it can be stressful and confusing for those involved. However, knowing what to expect when it comes to your specific situation can help you navigate this process more easily and focus on moving forward. Our Franklin divorce lawyers can help.