Tennessee’s ranking when it comes to worst states to get divorced in

If you and your spouse live in Middle Tennessee, you will have to file for divorce at a Tennessee courthouse and follow state law. While most divorce laws are similar from state to state, there are differences that can affect how long your divorce will take and how much you will spend.

Recently, an online lifestyle magazine ranked the 50 states by its “divorce disaster index,” which they created based on how relatively inexpensive and quick divorce can be in each state. Factors they used include the fee for filing divorce papers, average legal fees, and the minimum amount of time it takes to finalize a divorce.

Where is Tennessee on the list?

For those curious, Tennessee ranked 29th — a bit above average. The article notes that state law requires at least 60 days to pass between a divorce filing and finalization, which is a longer waiting than some states but shorter than many others. The filing fee is $184.50, which is relatively cheap. For instance, in Georgia, it costs $400 to file for divorce.

The ‘worst’ divorce state

The number-one state — i.e., the “worst” state for divorce — was California. That state imposes an average of 183.5 days, or six months plus one day, as a waiting period. Plus, courts there charge $435 to file for divorce, and the average legal fees add up to $13,800.

Saving you time and money

Divorce can be tough enough without it getting dragged out longer than necessary. One of the best ways to keep your divorce on schedule, without sacrificing your priorities regarding child custody and property division, is to work with an experienced family law attorney. Their advice and skill in negotiation and litigation will help reduce delays.