Reasons women might still need alimony in the modern world

Women’s rights have made impressive strides forward in the past few decades. It’s no longer considered out of the norm for a woman to have a college education and a career. It’s also still normal for women to choose to stay at home and raise their children, then pick up their careers later. Some women do it all. However, income disparities and hardships still persist, despite the advances women have had. At the law office of Rogers, Shea & Spanos, we understand that women can have it especially rough after a divorce. You and other Tennessee women might need to receive alimony for numerous reasons.

According to Forbes, women are more likely than men to suffer financial hardships after a divorce. The following common scenarios may explain it to you:

  • You might have worked in an advanced career during your entire marriage, but you earn less than men in the same field.
  • You may have stayed home to take care of the children while they were young but discovered your job skills were outdated when you were ready to return to work.
  • You might have put off your college education while your husband received his education and built his career.

As our page on alimony explains, spousal support may be necessary to help you get back on your feet after your divorce. You might use this time to update your job skills, go back to school or just recover emotionally from the end of your marriage. Spousal support may ease the burden while you put your life back together.