Preparing for your child’s reaction to divorce

When parents get divorced, the split will impact the children. There are actions you can take to limit this impact or change its negative effects. But you should prepare yourself for any possible reaction that your child may have. This will allow you to support them through this difficult time.

Forbes discusses the serious impact divorce can have on a child’s mental health. Divorce impacts children of any age unless they are too young to remember it, such as one or two years old. Likewise, because every child is different, no two children will react to divorce in the same way.

There are some commonalities shared between them, though. This can include becoming withdrawn, shy, and unwilling to make connections. On the other side of the spectrum, some children may lash out. They become defiant toward authority figures and do not get along well with their peers.

Children can develop mental health problems, too. Some may show signs of anxiety or depression. In severe cases, a child can even develop post-traumatic stress disorder. There is no such thing as being “too young” to suffer from these ailments. Additionally, symptoms can look different in a child than they do in an adult. Do not write off any strange behavioral changes you see in your child. If necessary, take them to a child mental health specialist for evaluation.

Regardless of how your child takes your divorce, the most important thing is to reassure them. Let them know that they are not at fault and that you still love them even if you and your spouse are splitting up.