Judge verifies man paid alimony payment due eight years ago

Despite the fact that alimony obligations are not meant to be punitive, many in Nashville may not be happy with having to pay them. Still, it is recommended that one dutifully do so, given that potential severe consequence could be waiting should one not keep up on his or her payments. Another recommendation that far too few people may follow is to retain all records of all alimony payments. One might hang on to payment receipts or paystubs for a couple of years, but most financial experts agree that they should be kept longer. One never knows when an old liability might surface.

Imagine the surprise experienced by a New Jersey man who was contacted by a state regulatory agency claiming that he still owed an alimony payment due eight years ago. The order mandating the man’s stipulated that his obligation would end when he retired (which was eight years ago). Yet the agency claimed he still owed the payment from his final paycheck, and even threatened to pursue legal action in order to collect it. The man had a copy of his final paystub, which clearly showed that the money had been withheld. The agency, however, would not accept his evidence. The man ultimately took the matter to court, where the judge hearing the case verified his evidence and apologized for the harassment he experienced.

This case illustrates how important it is to maintain records of all payments and expenses related to one’s divorce. At any time, disputes over financial obligations may arise. Having evidence to support one’s claims may go far in resolving such issues. So too may having the added assistance of an experienced attorney.