How long does alimony last?

If a judge in Tennessee orders alimony payments, you may wonder how long they will last. There are some general rules about the length of payments but there are also different types of alimony that will affect how long the payments last. It often depends on your situation as to how long your alimony will last.

The Tennessee Bar Association explains that the general rules about alimony payments is that they will end if you remarry or live with someone in a romantic relationship or if either you or the person paying dies. A judge may also stipulate the end of payments in your divorce agreement.

There are two general types of alimony which both have different end times. Transitional alimony is something you receive for a set period. You will know immediately how long it will last. Generally, the court will order this to help you adjust to your new financial situation after the divorce.

Alimony in solido is a lump sum payment of alimony. You may receive it over time in payments, but you know the exact amount you will receive. Once your ex-spouse pays the full amount, the payments end. You should note that the general rules for termination of alimony do not apply to this type of alimony. Your ex must pay you the full amount.

The last type is alimony in futuro. This is a long-term payment. Your ex will pay you until the court rules he or she can stop. This does follow the general rules of ending payments. This information is for education and is not legal advice.