How can you make divorce easier on your child?

Tennessee parents are always stuck with a big question when they decide to divorce. How do you break the news to your kids? Depending on their age and emotional maturity, you may have to use different tactics. If you have more than one child, each one may need you to handle the talk in a different way. Here are some ways you can make divorce easier on them.

The American Psychological Association pays attention to the impact of divorce on kids. Regardless of mental or physical age, divorce impacts every member of a family. Your divorce can even affect your adult children. For younger children, pay attention to the cues they give. Use what you know of their personality to navigate the situation. Provide comfort and reassurance in any form they accept with the most ease. Know what their fears and concerns are. Work to assuage them to the best of your ability.

Though the angle you tackle divorce at may differ from child to child, some things stay the same. For example, you should keep communication open with everyone. You should understand what things to be open about and what to keep quiet. Children deserve to know the truth, but some things are too much. Monitor what you say with care. Understand that what you say could influence their views on the divorce. It could even impact the way they handle the divorce.

You should also give children the time and space they need to digest this new living situation. Divorce is a big upheaval for all involved parties. It will take readjustment no matter who is facing it.