Does engagement location determine marital longevity?

Before young couples get married, their friends and family often express concerns. Where they got engaged, however, doesn’t typically factor into conversations about the future.

Supposedly there’s a correlation between honeymoon destination and long-term marital success. A new survey also draws connections between where you pop the question and your likelihood to divorce. But what does the location of your engagement have to do with whether your relationship will last?

Weather conditions may seem to be a factor in divorce, but likely only from an external perspective

A British company surveyed nearly 3,500 divorcees about the country where they got engaged, including the weather and temperature during that time. Reportedly, 23% of participants got engaged in Paris. Iceland and New York City were next on the list.

Although the survey suggests warmer engagement climates lead to longer-lasting marriages, the commonly stated reasons for dissolution involve much more serious considerations than the chance of precipitation.

Commonly expressed reasons why marriages don’t last

If you feel unhappy or unfulfilled in a relationship, you can probably identify myriad contributing factors. Pinpointing one reason why a marriage ended is often virtually impossible.

Still, the communicated reasons for divorce frequently include:

  • Excessive conflict
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Financial disputes
  • Incompatibility
  • Personality disorders

Addiction and abuse also complicate many interpersonal relationships. However, no matter why your marriage is over, protecting your interests is imperative.

What matters to you in the end?

As you finalize your divorce, you’ll likely have to make determinations about property division. If you and your spouse have children, a comprehensive parenting plan is also important for stability.

Meanwhile, more complex matters, such as business ownership, support arrangements and grandparent rights, require you to think about what you need post-divorce. Then, you must determine which settlement terms are worth a fight.

In the end, compatibility probably has a greater influence on marriage than where you agreed to share life with each other. And regardless of what anyone else thought or said about your relationship, how you proceed is up to you.