Do spouses consider property division in the same way?

Divorcing couples often approach the process with feelings of resentment and betrayal. When conflicting with personal desires or regret, emotions can increase conflict.

Regardless of how long you were married or how close you believe you once were, it’s likely that you and your spouse will experience dissolution in different ways. Psychological research suggests gender may present an implicit bias in matters such as property division.

Psychological differences could impact your settlement

In cases where couples work to establish their own settlement terms through mediation, property division might seem more favorable than leaving a judge to determine who gets what. However, men and women tend to focus on different aspects of divorce.

Although interpersonal dynamics vary significantly from one couple to the next, some gender traits remain fairly consistent. So, how might this factor into property division in a heterosexual divorce?

  • Women typically focus on relationships. Efforts to avoid creating additional tension with a former partner may cloud judgment in a settlement, causing one to accept less favorable terms instead of advocating for what they believe is their fair share of marital assets.
  • Men tend to be more open to taking risks. As such, they might prefer to entrust decisions to a judge rather than communicate with an ex.
  • Self-stereotyping based on traditional societal roles may influence negotiation. A man who sees himself as a powerful leader, for example, could try to dominate a woman who identifies as kind and nurturing.

Yet, a favorable settlement should revolve more around what’s essential for the future than a potential internal complexity related to what you want.

Since Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, marital assets aren’t necessarily divided equally. If you struggle to meet your financial demands or would rather relinquish control of property to minimize conflict, your attorney can help you reach a resolution that best meets your needs and desires.