Discussing a prenuptial without offending your partner

As the excitement of your engagement begins to settle and the anticipation of your upcoming wedding increases, the furthest thought from your mind may be divorcing your partner. Right now, the two of you are madly in love and there is a significant chance that those feelings will always remain. At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, we are committed to helping couples in Tennessee to realize the value of taking the time to put together a prenuptial agreement.

If you are not familiar with a prenuptial agreement, it is a contract of sorts that gives you and your partner a place to make designations of things like property and assets in the event the two of you should ever separate or divorce. While it may seem rather unpleasant or even unnecessary to discuss, your choice to bring up your concerns at an appropriate time and in a respectful manner can help both of you to feel at ease about the future. It can also be a way for you to showcase your concern for your partner when you approach the topic from the perspective that you want to make sure his or her life is still intact despite what may happen in the future.

According to Brides, experts suggest approaching your concerns by saying that you want to prevent divorce by setting adequate and realistic expectations for each other in terms of responsibilities, career objectives and family goals. If you have witnessed the painful divorce of another family member, tell your partner that you are committed to being civil and amicable if you ever end up in that situation and you feel that accomplishing that objective would be supported with a prenuptial in place.

When you are cordial and kind about the way you bring up the topic and can help your partner see the value in having such an agreement, your conversation may be more productive and mutually beneficial. For more information, if you are seeking help writing a prenuptial agreement, visit our web page.