Can friendships help your children cope with your divorce?

When you are getting divorced in Tennessee, one of your main concerns may be how to establish a new routine for your children that will allow them to continue to be successful and happy despite the undeniable changes in your family dynamic. Your understanding of how to provide support and encouragement to your children may give them a better chance of being able to thrive without suffering too significant of an impact resulting from your divorce.

Regardless of the ages of your children, their connections to their friends and the opportunities they have to interact in social settings can be an invaluable way for them to establish meaningful connections that can provide support during this difficult time. In conjunction with your committed care as a parent, your children can still experience the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that they are surrounded by people who love them and care about them.

According to, you can positively encourage your children to create and strengthen friendships by providing opportunities for them to be involved in things like kids’ clubs, extracurricular activities, sports and youth camps. Even simple things like taking your children to the library or the park can allow them to interact with other children in an environment where creativity is encouraged.

When you are able to balance the time your children spend at home with their social interactions with their friends, you may be able to help them achieve an effective balance of meaningful interactions. With the confidence that they are valued and appreciated, your children can continue to be successful despite your divorce.