Benefit of prenuptial agreements

To many people in Tennessee, the thought of asking a partner to sign a prenuptial agreement might sound like the antithesis of romantic and contrary to what a couple in love planning their future together should be doing. However, marriage is as much a business transaction as it is an emotional one and addressing both sides of this experience is important.

As explained by, a prenup can actually help a couple prepare for a solid marriage. Being forced to be completely open and honest about all financial matters is not easy. This may well be why money is such a common trigger for marital arguments and divorces. A prenuptial agreement can help partners determine how they want to manage their money together once they are married, setting them up for success.

If a marriage does eventually run into problems, a prenup can take out some of the unknowns in the negotiation process because some of the financial obligations can have been identified already. For example, a couple can proactively choose to say that neither person will seek spousal support from the other if they get divorced. A business can also be protected via a prenup.

Bankrate adds that a prenuptial agreement can allow couples to more effectively keep separate property from becoming comingled and ending up as marital property during a divorce inadvertently. Blended families can benefit greatly from prenups as spouses can outline provisions for care of their biological children and their spouse without pitting the two against each other.