4 steps to take to protect your privacy during divorce

Whether you are in the public eye or want to shield your loved ones from the intimate details of your divorce, protecting your privacy can be a top priority as you navigate this complicated process.

There are numerous ways you can do this.

Audit your online activity

One of the easiest ways for people to find out information about you or your life is to check your social media accounts or access your email.

Thus, changing your passwords and logins will be crucial to prevent unauthorized access by others, like a vengeful ex. You will also want to think carefully about how you use social media. Be careful with what you like, share, show and say on your accounts. Even if your profiles are private, assume everything will be under scrutiny during a divorce.

Secure your home

If you are worried about a violent ex or simply want to reinforce security measures to help you feel safe at home, you will want to:

  • Cancel other people’s access to smart home devices
  • Change your locks
  • Install a video doorbell
  • Consider these tips for looking for surveillance equipment like listening devices, hidden cameras or GPS trackers in your home and car
  • These measures can help you feel safer when you need reassurance the most.

Stay out of court

Going to court to litigate family legal matters creates a public record that any interested party could look up.

Thus, if you want to keep potential business partners, the media and others from accessing sensitive details about your divorce, you can resolve them outside of court. Processes like mediation and collaborative divorce are confidential.

Skip the drama

One way to make a divorce less interesting to other parties is to try and keep it as amicable and unremarkable as possible. Avoiding salacious allegations, communicating through your attorneys if you are angry and committing to a cooperative approach can help you do this.

Divorce is an emotional process, and people’s private lives can be used against them. If you are hoping to protect your privacy for personal, financial or professional reasons, these tips can help you do so.